I detest 1and1, it has to be said...

************* whenever i need anything to work there, it fails. I decided to switch my mail provider, and had to set up dns records accordingly, and the propagation is taking forever. When i contact support, they take HOURS to get back, and their only response is ‘clear your browser cache’. Like i’m an idiot. And then propagation wasn’ nearly finished, it actually hasn’t even started updating, when suddenly i can’t login to my domain center for hours now. It’s by far the single WORST experience i had as a customer. Ever.

What they got from me now is a complaint, and a promise to change my registrar. They are a hoax.

They have some fans (or fanbois), and they have some critics.

I tend toward critic, but I have never used their service. I’ve mainly seen them as an email provider that allows too much spamming from their users. But that was several years ago, so perhaps it has changed.