I deleted my bootloader. How do I get it back?

I deleted my bootloader while trying to install Red Hat on another disk. Now my Suse 10.3 installation won’t boot. I’m in a Knoppix live CD right now. How can I get grub installed again? I put the Suse 10.3 DVD in the drive, but when I boot to “repair installed system”, it crashes with an error that says “there was an error during the installation”. When I boot with “rescue system,” it brings me to a minimal shell. Can someone please help?

have you tried boot installed system ? then go to YaST & re-install it from there ?


Thanks for that idea. I did the “boot from installed system.” Then, I logged in as root and started yast. After that, I went to system–>bootloader and selected “other,” which brought up another menu. I found out that there is an option to restore the master boot record to what it previously was. I restored my MBR to what it was before I accidentally overwrote it, and now I’m right back where I was before I goofed up.