I can't view the battery icon on Acer Aspire AS7745G

Hi Guys,

I have an Acer Aspire AS7745G and recently, I installed OpenSUSE 12.1 on it.
But on the KDE desktop I can’t view the icon battery, it is missing.
I try installing GNOME desktop but the icon battery also is missing.
So, I don’t know when it is charging, I don’t know wich it is their time life.

I have been lookink for in Google but I don’t found nothing.

Any idea?

PD: Sorry my english, I am learning it.

This might be a silly question but…are you sure that the Battery Monitor isn’t in the Hidden Icon section (usually located close to the far right of the panel)? This is normally where you’ll find the Battery Monitor when operating on AC power with the battery fully charged.

Hi Leisa,

The battery monitor icon is present and visible in the panel close to the time and date.
But, it alwais is charging and connected to AC Power although only is the notebook with the battery.
maybe I need to set something?