I can't use my scanner...

I have a Brother MFC-5440CN. I have installed the printer already, and now I want to install the scanner. I have followed these directions on how to install the scanner. I used the correct driver for my scanner (brscan2). But I have installed sane and xsane after I installed the scanner.

Whenever I go to xsane, I get the error “no devices available”. When I go to ‘Scanner’ from ‘Administration Settings’, it doesn’t detect the scanner I have installed. When I clicked ‘Add’, the program hangs.

I tried to find a solution for this problem online by using Google, but it didn’t give me one.

What do you suppose I did wrong? How can I make xsane to detect my scanner? How can I fix the hanging?

Yes, it looks like you installed things in the wrong order.

Do you get any results running the following in a terminal:


Try it as root as well.

This information is from the Sane faq have aloo and see if anything there is relevant for you Sane Frequently Asked Questions

I had the same problem a few days ago with a DCP-750CW. My printer is networked. Is your one networked also. If not, you probably are not on the good Brother Solutions Center page.
If yes. OK.
Is your PC 64 or 32 bits?
I have a 64. So I reinstalled the system completly with the 64 bits archi.
I think it may be important:
1- to reinstall and to respect Brother spec (I mean install Xsane and sane before). In Yast search sane and in the list suggested chose only xsane, yast will install the good sane backend .
2-Follow this Brother page( BSC: Brother Linux Scanner driver /Scan key tool download) advices
3-if you have a networked printer after installing brscan2 chose the setting of the friendly name with the ip address
4- to make a check with brscan2 -q

Hope it will work for you.