I cant play via internet in games with wine. CS 1.6, victoria, europa universalis 2. openSUSE 11.3/4

Hi, i cant play any games with wine via internet. CS 1.6 dont download servers.list, victoria and eu 2 too, bu i can play in savage 2 or openarena.

I tried to disable firewall and apparmor but its nothing change. Please help. I have opensuse 11.3 and 11.4 KDE.

I tried playonlinux and few wine version but still nothing.

I have savage and openarena as native linux games of course.

Maybe a different version of wine is needed. Which one are You using ? Where did You install it from ?

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I used few version and nothing. On ubuntu I use 1.0 for cs 1.6(via playonlinux) and there is work fine, but on opensuse, CS dont wont download servers.list, and transfer is 0k/s.