I can't play DVD from external drive via USB

I have an external DVD drive (Samsung WriteMaster).
It is not recognized in my Leap 15.5 (KDE). I can’t play DVD, I can’t access it via Dolphin.

The same drive with the same inserted DVD is recognized and can by played on other machine with LinuxMint.

What to do?

Do other devices work correctly when connected to the USB port on the Leap 15.5 machine?

Yes, USB ports are ok. I use them all the time. The problem is on all ports (USB2, USB3).
As a note, I can see and access CDAudio but can’t play it.

Is the external device powered and not relying on the USB port power?

DVD device has its own power supply.

From an old (Sept. 21, 2005) CNET review at Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 USB 2.0 drive review: Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 USB 2.0 drive - CNET

“Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164C USB 2.0 optical drive
Editors’ note: Due to incompatibility between the Samsung drive and CNET Lab’s official test bed (the drive required us to update the BIOS on our motherboard), we tested the drive on an alternate test bed.”

Perhaps the drive and motherboard do not get along.

Does the disc mount, but not play? Or does it not mount at all? If it mounts, but just doesn’t play, then you need some kind of CSS decryption, like libdvdcss2.

After testing with several DVDs I discovered that some of them I can play (let’s say 1/5th). So in those cases disks mount.

It seems there is problem with this particular model of Samsung :frowning: .
Thanks @crmrhm for your article.

My semi-solution is:
I bought a cable USB to miniSata 6P + 7P, removed DVD drive from laptop and now I can play all DVDs I was testing.

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