I can't login under PLasma desktop session

I can’t login under Plasma desktop session. I can only move my mouse pointer.
I can login under Wayland desktop session. But using Wayland is very difficult. There are a lot of freezes and errors.
I have to reboot several times to login properly. It takes me about 20 min to login sometimes.

I am using sddm display manager and nouveau driver. I have got an old GeForce 9600 GT graphics. Renderer NV94.
What can I do with that?

If I want to login quick I have to login on Windows instead.

Is this a TW installation that you’ve been running for a while and just dup’d?

Are you logging out before running zypper dup? It might pay to do this now, and dup again.

Have you tried removing the content of ~/.cache/ while logged out of X?

Please report here output from:

zypper ls -d

Can you replicate the problem by creating a new user and using it instead of your normal user login?

I have several older NVidia GPUs. None use the nouveau DDX driver. Instead they use the Modesetting DDX. If you’d like to try it, read here.