i can't login to my user after updating

Dear all
i just updated my system by yast>>online updates
and after rebooting
i can’t login to my username … i can just login as root
iam using suse 11.1
and the /var/log/messages is showing this:

gdm-session-worker[8299]: WARNING: could not save session and language settings: Failed to close file ‘/home/amr.elkhedewy/.dmrc.9XPHTU’: fclose() failed: Success

please help

Can you log into your normal user in terminal session?
When gdm comes up, just select from the bottom menu Console Login.

yes i can login throug terminal .
but i can’t login from the graphical interface
also i solved the problem by downgrading the last update again.

is there any log files should i investigate when i see this problem again?