I Can't log in to my Plasma desktop

Hello there!

The title might be stupid but hear me out.
My PC Spec is:

  • intel i3-4330
  • gtx 1050 (2gb)
  • 8gb ram
  • 1 tb hdd
  1. The reason I writing here is, when I boot my Linux ('cause i use dual boot with Windows 10) but today I wanted to modify my Nvidia GTX 1050 drivers, and a Downloaded the “nvidia-gfxG05-kmp-preempt” 'cause I though it will fix my laggy KDE Plasma. But when I rebooted I saw that “Fullscreen only console” (I know it has got a special name, but I don’t know it :shame:), And I followed the https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:NVIDIA_drivers tutorial.
  2. I rebooted again and I noticed that “Fullscreen only console” wasn’t there, but I saw nothing just a white cursor.
  3. I changed the HDMI cable from my GTX 1050 to my Intel HD Graphics 4600 and rebooted. Then I can log in to my KDE Desktop. I Immediately removed the “nvidia-gfxG05-kmp-preempt” driver.
  4. Rebooted my PC but I swapped back my HDMI Cable to my GTX 1050 and still not fixed. I stuck between the “fullscreen only console” and my KDE login screen. :’(

Is there any suggestion to fix?

Anything labelled “preempt” is only for use with a “preempt” Kernel …

  • Which Kernel are you using?

Huh, that is good to know, I wont install it again.
Where can check the Kernel’s version?

My kernel is: 5.3.18-lp152.87-default
Shell: bash 4.4.23

If you’re using KDE Plasma then, the KDE KInfoCenter.
If not KDE then, CLI –

  • hostnamectl
  • uname -a
  • uname -r
  • cat /proc/version

Hi there! I somehow made it, thank you!