I can't install opensuse 11.0


I can’t install opensuse 11 i386 from ISO of site Software.openSUSE.org, the installer informs a message of repository is corrupt, I check md5sums and is correct then I try install opensuse 11 x64 and my system freeze after install, I check md5sums and is correct.

My PC configuration:

Intel Core 2 Quad, 4 GB Ram, HD SATA 250 and Geforce 7300GT.


Alexandre Vitorelli

Wrong section Moved to Install/Boot/login


I Installed Opensuse but i cant login. it asks a Username and Password. I entered the username and pasword which i did enter in the installation progress. but it says Username or Password is Incorrect. what should i do??

I’ll bet this is a typo issue. Log into tty1 as root, start yast (non-graphical) and go to the security and users module. Just add another user.