I can't install in a Toshiba Sat A215-4697


I can’t install any version of Suse and anything other linux system, in muy laptop, wen i start the installation process, the machine show a message with follow text “Hard Drive not Installed”. Somebody help me?

Thanks a lot!

Sounds like you don’t have a hard drive plugged in. If you do, then the hard drive is not being detected for some reason. Some computer BIOSes have special options for the hard drive, which makes them a pain to use. These can be modified at the boot screen (where it says press F12 or F2 to configure computer, you hit the corresponding key to get into the bios).

Rather than troubleshooting for now, I’d suggest downloading a live cd. They tend to come with a good number of drivers and stuff. Start the computer with the live cd to load the OS and it’ll boot into the OS, then use the install icon to install. See how that goes.

Thnks for reply, but this don’t work. :frowning:
In the BIOS all settings can’t be change…
When I start from live CD, the hard drive is not recongnized by the SO. :confused:

This could be caused by IDE vs. SATA issue.

Try following boot option: insmod=ide-generic

This don’t work… :frowning:

Any idea? Please!