I can't hibernate Windows !!

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I can’t hibernate Windows after I install OpenSUSE 11.2

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openSuse doesn’t change anything in Windows, so it can’t be the cause.
The fault lies solely within Windows.

What version of Windows are you using with openSUSE? I assume this is a dual boot setup, does Windows still load properly? In Windows, if it does boot just fine, I might run the Disk Cleanup Utility and allow it to delete the old hibernation file. I would do a defrag of the Windows partition as well and make sure you left enough disk space for Windows Hibernation to work at all. This is very true if you allowed the SuSE installer to shrink your Windows partition.

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I too once had this problem (was dual booting Suse 11.2 and Vista), the solution for me was to open computer management in windows (I think the command to open it in xp is compmgmt.msc) and mark my windows partition as the active partition by right clicking on it.