i can't go in windows7!!!! i need help!!

i have installed opensuse 11.3 but i have installed it 2 times . now i can’t get in windows 7. can i uninstall opensuse to get other opensuse and windows? and how i can uninstall if i need?

If Windows does not boot, we must assume that you did not get grub loaded in the MBR and a non-bootable partition is marked as bootable. Normally, you would get some sort of error message which you failed to mention to us here. There is a guide that using a GParted disk can be used to install grub for proper booting.

Re-Install Grub Quickly with Parted Magic

In the mean time, telling us how many partitions are created on your hard drive and which partition belongs to Windows and openSUSE could be helpful. The GParted disk will allow you to “see” your present setup.

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since there are about a million ways you can kill the system that we
can’t guess why do you begin by telling us:

-about your hardware
-which install medium you used
-did you do this http://tinyurl.com/25ydj4a before install attempt?

did you follow all of the instructions here:

at what point in which of those did you begin to have problems…

what problems did you have with your first install that caused you to
install again? did you have any error messages? what were they?

how did you do the second install? did you have any error messages?
what were they?

see, we don’t know what you did or what is messed up…

well, you could try booting with your Windows install media–but, i do
not know anything about Windows or how to fix whatever you broke…

someone else might…

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