I can't get Compiz to install on 11.1

Okay guys, I’m completely new to this, so it’s probably a easy fix. I’m on the opensuse 11.1 live cd for GNOME and when I try to install compiz I get these errors:
I’ve tried KDE with the same errors.
By the way, I’m using the 11.0 compiz because it’s the latest released. Is that a problem?

Hi there,

Go here, It has 11.1 for compiz fusion. 1-click

Compiz Fusion - openSUSE

I’ve got the nvidia drivers for my card, and installed which still has errors but only for emerald. It still does not work.
Or am I trying to enable compiz wrong?

Hi, got the same problem. The one-click-collection won’t work. Get errors also for other software I want to install (Elisa). Seems somethings wrong with python??
I have an Ati card, but with suse 11.0 I also needed to install some extra software (C++ and gcc I guess; it’s to long ago) to get it working.
Someone got a clue??

Same problem to me.

I think i try to install python 2.5.2. Perhaps then compiz works or have anyone an idea to solve the problem?

Thanks Cheese-2402

Same problem here.
I have direct rendering OK.
NVidia works fine.
One-click install does not work.

Now I installed python 2.5.3 from python.org -> build source, no successs, same errors :frowning:

Have anyone an idea to install python 2.5 from an rmp-package?

The correct Compiz repo is this one

CyberOrg » Compiz on openSUSE 11.1

Thanks, I found this solution too, but no result for me. Maybe I’m not clear on what he means by; Launch simple-ccsm and enable Compiz.
All the other commandlines I cut/pasted in the Gnome console.
What I’m I doing wrong?

You need to delete .config/compiz/ then logout and login back (i assume You installed all correct drivers??) :wink: Just update all compiz packages You got and install compiz-configuration-manager.

I don’t use Gnome actually so i could be wrong, there is an application called simple-ccsm, You just need to run it once (if everything is succesful, it’s like compiz-replace;)) then You can use only compiz-configuration-manager.

P.S. Of course run those commands as root :slight_smile: Then go to repository management in YaST, click autorefresh and update all compiz packages You have and install preferably p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } libcompizconfig-backend-gconf

Thanks a lot! Now it’s working!
The only thing I can’t find is the Compiz Icon. Where did that one go??