i cant find linux driver of my sound card

In windows my sound card works well but in suse 10.0 i can not hear anything when amorak was playing an mp3 file. i have an gigabyte 8s648fx mainboard and my sound card is on mainboard. i tried to find my card`s linux driver but there was no for linux. on board sound CMedia9761. could you help me for this

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thanx. i understand that its life ended. but i couldnt find the driver on Gigabyte main site for linux. there was just for windows

And you think your chances for finding a driver or people supporting you are getting better by using a distro which has become obsolete 2 years ago?

(Not even mentioning the rather good chances that newer versions might support the device out of the box.)

if i would use suse11.2 i couldnt find the driver for linux then how would i solve the problem…because at this link GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Motherboard - Driver - 8S648FX-RZ you can find only windows versions of drivers for my card. would suse detect the driver authomatically. i think my mainboard is very old forsuse. sorry for my english…i wish i could tell in turkish…thanx a lot

First of all, 11.2 is still beta, so 11.1 would be the most recent stable at the moment.

Secondly, most vendors don’t offer linux drivers, so you are looking at the wrong place.

Thirdly, support of hardware is done by the kernel, the newer the kernel the more devices supported.

Now draw your conclusions.

  1. i have no dvd room on my pc. suse 10.0 is an obligation now. my laptop is busy…
  2. why dont vendors offer their linux versions. is there a secret negotiate with bill gates and where shoud i control for my linux driver(repository?)
  3. i understand that soon maybe i can find a driver for my card

All versions of openSUSE offer you also a Live CD with the option to install the OS from that medium.

For testing if your card works you can just boot off that CD and you will have a result in less than 5 minutes.

Ask the vendors.

Good luck for that.

i appreciate your answers. but i dont still know that i could find driver from a repository or not…is answer ask vendors

Well, before anybody can give you an answer what driver might work, you should give some information.

“Names” of devices are not sufficient, unique IDs from “/sbin/lspci -nn”, “lsusb”, “/usr/sbin/hwinfo --sound” are.


You won’t find drivers from a repository (at least not from a SuSE-repository) for sure.

The reason can be found in my first and second answer.

I think what Akoellh is trying to say is that you are using suse 10, therefore it has an old kernel.

In linux, it is usually the kernel that provides ‘drivers’ for your hardware.

So, if you were to upgrade to suse 11.1 (the most recent, google for opensuse 11.1 livecd), you would get a newer version of the kernel, and hopefully it will include support for your soundcard out of the box.

Not many vendors supply drivers for linux, but there are a few. You usually do not have to install drivers for stuff under linux (the exception being some graphics cards and a few printer ‘drivers’).

The advice is to upgradeto a newer version of opensuse & you might have some joy from your soundcard.

i ll try the live cd first that i am downloading now. i am not good at console. i have to spend more time on suse to be familiare. i did not know that someone answer all my questions. i did not guess…have a nice day…

yes weighty_foe i’m gonna try the live version of suse 11.1 and after that i’ll figure it out that support my card…

Good luck, and if your card doesn’t work using the livecd please do come back ask some more

On 10/9/2009 2:16 PM, riggss wrote:
> i appreciate your answers. but i dont still know that i could find
> driver from a repository or not…is answer ask vendors

may find something here …


rirggs, there is an openSUSE troubleshooting guide for audio here: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

That guide is mostly written for supported versions of openSUSE, which is currently openSUSE-10.3, 11.0 and 11.1. Please note that version 10.3 has only about 4 months of support left (and hence not recommended for a fresh install).

The sound driver for Linux is typically provided by the application ‘alsa’ which loads as a kernel module. The current version of alsa is 1.0.21a. Note openSUSE-11.0 has 1.0.17/1.0.18 of alsa. SuSE-10.0 has version 1.0.9 of alsa. To say there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between 1.0.9 and 1.0.17/1.0.18 of alsa would be an understatement. Indeed there is a significant difference between 1.0.17/1.0.18 and 1.0.21a of alsa.

User’s with versions of SuSE or openSUSE older than 10.3, are pretty much into custom compilation territory, where average to advanced knowledge of Linux is necessary to custom compile alsa from a tarball: Main Page - AlsaProject - tarball can be downloaded from here

It is probably easier for new users to re-install to the latest version of openSUSE, and then install via packaged rpms of the lastest alsa, than it is for them to custom compile a tarball. Typically new users do not know how to compile from a tarball, and after failing miserably they rant and rave and complain. Hence its best for them to stay away from custom compiling a tarball. Plus trying to find an experienced user willing to hold one’s hand and slowly (and very painfully) teach them how to custom compile for an ancient version of SuSE could be challenging. Most of us do not see the common sense in such an approach.

Good luck in your efforts to get your sound functioning the way you would like.