I can't find FreeNAS in my repos...

I wanted to experiment with it and KDE but am unable to find it any where…!

I found it. software.opensuse.org: Search Results

Nice…Is this the one for an AMD proc?

There are several to choose from. Choose wisely.

Well…This is why I’m asking…Which one is it?

Not nast (network anylizer sniffer tool).
You should see several packages as nas-x.x.x

If you mean this:

FreeNAS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It’s not a package, it’s an entire distro, based on FreeBSD. So you don’t run it under Linux, you run it on its own, or perhaps in a virtual machine.

From my experience running FreeNAS from a flash drive works best :slight_smile: Just plug in an USB stick into some PC with big drives (preferably fast as well), install FreeNAS on that stick, create a fake RAID on all the disks in that PC (You will lose all the data from those disks) and you’re good to go.

May be a bit harder than it sounds but still it (FreeNAS) has worked great for me so far. The biggest drawback is that it is recommended to use the UFS filesystem, which is not that great IMHO.

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