I can't connect to the Internet.

I just installed openSUSE Leap 15.1 using the full ISO via USB thumbdrive. Everything went well except for Internet connection. I never had any problem ever before on all other Linux distros including openSUSE 13.2. I have an ethernet connection to a cable modem. Anyone know how to get my computer back online?

Is your NIC detected during installation?

Is your DHCP server running if you are configuring as DHCP?

I have installed Leap15.1 and it is working.

It detected my network card but I don’t know what you mean by NIC. I have DHCP set to Dynamic Address like it’s always set to that works. I added the network widget to the panel and according to that it says it’s not running. Any ideas?


If you feel more comfortable setting up your network connection like in previous versions of openSUSE, you can go into YaST > Network Settings and in the left-most tab (Global Options) change the dropdown selection from Network Manager to Wicked.

15.1 sets up Network Manager to manage your network connections by default (likely because most people set up Wifi network connections instead of wired connections), so your network connection is made only after you login. You should verify your Network Applet is working (If you had to add it to your panel, can you click on it and do anything?) and you may want to edit your connection to connect during bootup instead of after you login.


There are no computer events where I am. It detecents it during installation. It shows up in Yast. I still can’t get the computer to connect to the Internet. Looks like that network widget for the panel doesn’t work because it won’t add my networkcard to it.

Since this forum won’t allow me to edit my post, I will add that I have my network card set up exactly like you described and it still doesn’t work. That wiki is useless.

I fixed it. I had to try every ridiculous combinations of settings to get it to work. This is the first distro I installed that didn’t connect to the Internet.

Hi, possible to share your experience how to set it up?