I can't boot my computer from dvd player


I recently lost my root password and I want to upgrade to the Leap version. My bios is well configurated: First DVD, second hard drive.

For a reason I don’t know always start with the hard disk and for that reason it’s impossible to install the new version.

Any clue of how do I make the DVD to boot first ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.




If you are using Tumbleweed, this is rather a downgrade:wink:

You should be able to change your root password without a DVD though.
Press ‘e’ at the boot menu, and append “init=/bin/sh” to the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”, then press ‘F10’ to boot.
You should get into a minimal text mode system, where you should be able to just run “passwd” to change root’s password to a new one.

Any clue of how do I make the DVD to boot first ?

Did you actually burn a bootable ISO to your DVD?
Can you read the DVD otherwise?

Your BIOS might just fall back to the hard disk because it cannot read the DVD or it is not bootable.

One other thing: Every .iso cd is ignored from the tumbleweed version itself.

I did it and a message displays:

passwd: Authentication token lock busy
passwd: unchanged

I add the “init=/bin/sh” at the end of the line.

Am I doing something wrong ?


I typed:

mount -o remount,rw /

before passwd and it works !!

Thanks for all


Hm, that isn’t necessary here (with 13.2)…

But anyway, glad to hear that you solved it… :wink:

Regarding your DVD problem: this really sounds like a hardware issue then.
E.g. the DVD is bad, or the DVD drive is broken, or something went wrong in burning, things like that.

Or maybe you burned it in the wrong way. You need to “burn the image to disk”, not create a data DVD and add the file to it.
I don’t really think that this was the problem, but it has happened in the past… :wink: