i cannot read files in windows folder

I successfully installed suse 11 on my notebook toshiba u300 with windows vista preinstalled - after a rebooting to vista from grub vista was unable to load (blue screen with some text i did not catch) - after this failure, I rebooted suse 11 but I am not able to see files in windows subfolders (C and D) : before this win failure I could read all the folders inside windows partitions. Please I need help because I need to recover important files from that partition… Marco

When windows crashes the windows partitions are left “dirty” and opensuse cannot clean them. If start windows again, even if you do not log in, it will do a scandisk and then they will be available again in opensuse.

Thank you for your help. The problem is that windows does not start after suse 11 installation - it crashes with a blue screen and shuts down the machine… is there any other solution?

ok I tried one more time and… it works! Thanks a lot! Marco