I cannot fix Grub2 loader

Hi all,

Ignore my other problem…the HDD just simply died.

So, I have a dual-boot Windows 8/OpenSUSE 13.1 install on the one remaining HDD. In order to get anything working on this, I had to perform a Windows recovery. I’ve attempted to recover the boot menu by following the commands in this link: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/492719-recover-dual-boot-after-install-windows-8-1.

If I, while in Windows 8.1 (the only one I can get into), run from a CMD prompt bcdedit /enum all, I actually see this:

Windows Boot Manager

identifier {bootmgr}
device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1
path \EFI\opensuse\shim.efi
description Windows Boot Manager
locale en-US
inherit {globalsettings}
default {bootmgr}
resumeobject {b27c6541-f3fa-11e2-be6b-a41f72583a12}
displayorder {current}
toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
timeout 30

Again, I only have one HDD at this time (the other is removed). Where am I going wrong? I have fastboot turned off within Windows (no BIOS option for it). Should I attempt to upgrade to version 13.2 as a fix attempt? If so, how much will I lose? I’m getting a bit desperate here. Please help.

Thanks very much,

Installing 13.2 would not necessarily cause loss of data if you have your /home separate, which is default in openSUSE. But your system and applications would all be refreshed completely as / gets formatted. This isn’t usually an issue for a standard user. It just requires though that you know how to use the advanced install route. You ignore the initial partitioning suggestion and choose to create a setup, then choose the Custom option. In the partitioner, expand the partitioner on the left to see the details on the right. Eg: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10573557/13.1_install/6.png

Is this still your output?

Disk /dev/sda: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes, 1953525168 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes
Disk label type: gpt

#         Start          End    Size  Type            Name
 1         2048      1026047    500M  EFI System      EFI system partition
 2      1032192      1114111     40M  unknown         Basic data partition
 3      1114112      1376255    128M  Microsoft reser Microsoft reserved partition
 4      1376256      2400255    500M  Windows recover Basic data partition
 5      2400256   1035857919  492.8G  Microsoft basic Basic data partition
 6   1934036992   1935263743    599M  Microsoft basic Basic data partition
 7   1935265792   1935982591    350M  Windows recover 
 8   1935982592   1953523119    8.4G  Windows recover Microsoft recovery partition
 9   1035857920   1052643327      8G  Microsoft basic primary
10   1052643328   1157498879     50G  Microsoft basic primary
11   1157498880   1199446015     20G  Microsoft basic primary
12   1199446016   1220409343     10G  Microsoft basic primary
13   1220409344   1934036991  340.3G  Microsoft basic primary

And this is still your (almost positive) layout?

#1 is /boot/efi
#9 is SWAP
#10 is /
#11 is /var
#12 is /tmp
#13 is /home

#5 is my main Windows partition

It matters, for getting Grub back, and getting your partitions straightened out, and even for advice on how to go to 13.2, if you wish to go that route.

That is the direction we were aiming in your other thread, so you would probably have been best to wait for others to respond there.

All of us are volunteers, and some very good ones here. Just wait until one or two of the UEFI/GPT gurus come online and jump in with rock-solid advice.

I see some things in what you posted that worries me if it is not fixed right away, and I am waiting for confirmation on my suspicions.

Maybe throw on a copy of “Take Five” while you wait.:wink:


I just replied to my other thread. It would be my preference to get the grub2 fixed without the upgrade. If that won’t be possible, then we’ll pursue the 13.2 upgrade.

I do have to say that while the help here is volunteer, everyone has been so kind and helpful for the few requests for assistance I’ve made. I am determined not only to get past this but also learn Linux. Then I can hopefully help others!

Thanks again!