I can play mp3's in vlc and SMPlayer but not in Amarok or otheres.

I upgraded yesterday to 11.4. It seems to have gone well overall. This morning I noticed that Amarok didn’t work. It wouldn’t play mp3’s anymore. So I thought maybe that I would have to redownload the proprietary codecs for 11.4, which I did. I had to change “vendors” during that process.

I have VLC installed, as well as SMPlayer and MPlayer. VlC player and SMPlayer will play MP3s’. but MPlayer won’t.

I went into Amarok and told it to use xine rather than gstreamer, something I vaguely remember changing before in order to fix a problem. It didn’t help.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks in advance


I think this may be helpful:


Did you run mmcheck to be sure you now have the correct packages from the correct repos. The fact that you say: I had to change “vendors” during that process. is a bit suspicious to me.

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