I can not install yum. Please Help

I need to install Yum, but does not connect to the server.

baraghost:~ # sudo zypper install yum
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
'yum' not found.
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.
baraghost:~ #

Here is the list of Zypper

baraghost:~ # zypper lr -u
# | Alias           | Name                  | Enabled | Refresh | URI
1 | openSUSE 11.2-0 | openSUSE 11.2-0       | Yes     | No      | cd:///
2 | repo-debug      | openSUSE-11.2-Debug   | No      | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/debug/distribution/11.2/repo/oss/
3 | repo-non-oss    | openSUSE-11.2-Non-Oss | Yes     | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.2/repo/non-oss/
4 | repo-oss        | openSUSE-11.2-Oss     | Yes     | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.2/repo/oss/
5 | repo-source     | openSUSE-11.2-Source  | No      | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/source/distribution/11.2/repo/oss/
6 | repo-update     | openSUSE-11.2-Update  | Yes     | Yes     | http://download.opensuse.org/update/11.2/
baraghost:~ #

I would appreciate your help


I have to do with the link that I spent?

What ? :slight_smile:

what do i have to do with the link you posted??? :open_mouth:

Click it
when requested, type your password
let it run

i use console. donde pongo el link?

The following

zypper ar -f [Index of /repositories/home:/pikerhog:/utils/openSUSE_11.2](http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/pikerhog:/utils/openSUSE_11.2/) YUM
zypper ref
zypper in yum

baraghost:~ # zypper ar url -f Index of /repositories/home:/pikerhog:/utils/openSUSE_11.2 YUM
Too many arguments.
addrepo (ar) [options] <URI> <alias>
addrepo (ar) [options] <file.repo>

Add a repository to the sytem. The repository can be specified by its URI or can be read from specified .repo file (even remote).

Command options:
-r, --repo <file.repo> Just another means to specify a .repo file to read.
-t, --type <type> Type of repository (yast2, rpm-md, plaindir).
-d, --disable Add the repository as disabled.
-c, --check Probe URI.
-C, --no-check Don’t probe URI, probe later during refresh.
-n, --name <name> Specify descriptive name for the repository.
-k, --keep-packages Enable RPM files caching.
-K, --no-keep-packages Disable RPM files caching.
-f, --refresh Enable autorefresh of the repository.

baraghost:~ #

did you add ‘url’ in the line?? I didn’t show that but your line does, it’s not needed

zypper ar -f [Index of /repositories/home:/pikerhog:/utils/openSUSE_11.2](http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/pikerhog:/utils/openSUSE_11.2/) YUM

Done!, I could download,

Many many Thank You Very Much


I ask you something? Yum is licensed?

You are welcome;)

I ask you something? Yum is licensed?

No idea
Why do you ask?

No, why do you think it is? It comes as part of Fedora.

On 02/20/2010 09:06 AM, skilet wrote:
> caf4926;2124027 Wrote:
>> You are welcome;)
> I ask you something? Yum is licensed?
Yes, it is. GNU GPL version 2


“Sunrise 7:47am (EET), sunset 5:21pm (EET) at Espoo, FI (9:33 hours
Linux #1 SMP 2010-01-14 18:58:36 +0100 x86_64
9:52am up 2:21, 12 users, load average: 0.63, 0.45, 0.35

What does yum do in openSUSE?

What would be the point of having it?

Ours is not to reason ‘why’?

Like the TUX BTW, he’s been eating a few too many cashews!

Yum in openSUSE could be useful if you use the “smart” package manager for example. YUM is Yellowdog Update Manager, something in the region of zypper. Fedora uses it.

Cute, isn’t he? :smiley:

Thanks Knurpht.

Time to do some research. :rolleyes: