I can not install openSuse 12.1 M5 from hard disk. Error: No repository found.

I would like to test 12.1 M5 on my real hardware, so I have special for this purpose two additional partitions (sda2 (to install milestone) and sda3 (to store installation ISO files)). I am running my stable 11.4 with Grub on sda1.

I do not like to burn DVDs just for short test of one milestone, so I was used to download DVD ISO, to unpack it to sda3 partition with all its files, then I changed Grub to boot install Linux from sda3. Installation complains there is no DVD or CD, then I chose to force installation from hard disk and select sda3 partition and select root directory “/”. As I was used to from 11.4 this will start installation as it would be started from DVD.

But I think the problem has appeared since 12.1, where I get message: No repository found. (on sda3 / ), so the installation does not start.

I know this is not official way to install openSuse, but it worked before, and it was fast and easy for me, to install from hard disk.

Do you please know some similar easy solution (without USB sticks, DVDs…) to test milestones on my real hardware?

> Do you please know some similar easy solution (without USB sticks,
> DVDs…) to test milestones on my real hardware?

Thank you for your interest in helping to test openSUSE.

software testers with problems running milestone releases can learn more
about testing pre-release openSUSE by visiting the wiki’s Testing page
<http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Testing>, where is
found info on the openSUSE testing and development process as well as
pointers on logging bugs…

if uncertain an encountered problem is a bug: discuss that with other
testers in the forum set aside specifically for that purpose
<http://tinyurl.com/2du7r4s>, or by subscribing to the
openSUSE-Factory mailing list or joining the #openSUSE-Factory channel
on Freenode, info on those two means here

but, in no case is it correct for milestone/beta problems (including
install problems) to be discussed in this forum…

again, thanks for testing!!

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There is a special forum for these Pre-release/Beta questions. And it has the name Pre-Release/Beta. That is were you fellow 12.1 testers are to be found.

Solution: Partition sda3 where unpacked ISO install files are copied cannot be EXT4, but rather FAT32. Then installation starts.