i can not boot my windows partition anymore

Hi all,

I can not boot my windows partition anymore, I had windows as default on boot then i made linux partition as default boot. At that moment i had an error, i skipped it and then i see linux is default partition but i can not boot my windows partition anymore ?

what should i do ?

when i try to boot windows, it is looping infinetely to grub boot menu…

Any help is appreciated . Please dont hesitate for further questioning…


If you can still boot to opensuse, go to yast>system>boot loader.
When it comes up, choose the option propose new.
This will now check your drives and find what is and isn’t bootable and give you a new boot scheme.
Save it and see if it works. You can then use the same to change the default boot system.

If this doesn’t work and you are at home using a text editor, you can edit grub yourself.
Look at Fixing vista multiboot with openSUSE - openSUSE Forums for guidlines.