I can not access the forum from Firefox

Hi, a few days ago, i tried to access he forums and i was given an error. I figured that the website must have been down for maintenance. The next day it was the same. I think it’s been about four days now since i originally found this issue.
I am greeted with this.

Today, fed up i decided to just test it out on Opera, and it works fine.
There is something wrong here.
I use the add-ons; NoScript, Flash Video Downloader, and DoNotTrackMe; on firefox.
I have tried disabling them, and the results are the same.

I have not tried a new user. I was hoping this issue is known of and has a solution before i try that.

Thank you.

Never mind, i figured out what’s wrong right now.
The website has changed it’s web address from:

I access the forums from a bookmark, but in Opera because i don’t use it a real lot, i went looking for it manually,which is why it worked there.
Sorry for the bother.

Please try this link

Since the hack last week we have many broken links
And if you have or are using bookmarks, they also may be broken