I am required to connect to a SSH machine - your help please

I want to build a website via my institutional account, but I am first required to connect to the machine at ssh.itu.edu.tr. How can I do it? Is it possible with an FTP client? In windows, we used to use SSH secure shell client; I searched FileZilla on OpenSuSe, but no luck.

Anyway, if I successfully establish a connection to ssh.itu.edu.tr, I am asked to run some Linux console commands like mkdir, ls, chmod, etc.

Your suggestions?

Just use the ssh client, go to a terminal and type.

ssh username@ssh.itu.edu.tr

Good luck,

You can use fish or sftp in Konqueror/Dolphin.

In Dolphin go to Network, Create new Network Connection, SSH, enter config settings, done.

Another way: in Konqueror/Dolphin use the address bar and enter: fish://YOURUSERNAME@ssh.itu.edu.tr

On 04/13/2011 08:36 PM, bakkurt wrote:
> am asked to run some Linux console commands like mkdir, ls, chmod, etc.
> Your suggestions?

do you have some instructions to follow?
like mkdir will make a directory…for example

mkdir bakkurt

will make a new directory named ‘bakkurt’

then if you do


you will see all the directories under the one you are in.

and if you do

man chmod

you will zing to the manual for chmod where you can read all about what
does…so, let me suggest you follow the directions given AND if you
wanna know what mkdir does, then do a

man mkdir

and read all about it!!

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FileZilla client is available for 11.4 in the OSS repository and as far as I can make out also for 11.2 and 11.3. What version do you run?


I tried all of your advices by starting from the first post. Thank you for your help.

I am using the 11.4 version, and will try to find and install FileZilla client.
I also have some instructions on what to do once I establish connection. I will try.

Once again, thank you all!