I am owner, but linux does not think so

I have a system with suse 10.3 which works ok for me.
Although, if i want to upgrade OpenOffice (now 2.0) the system does not allow me to do that.
Can anyone explain to me how to solve the problem?

Have you used the su command to switch to root before installing?

No. I am even not aware of that command.

When I have OpenOffice open, the help function says where to find an update button. When I follow their directions, the update button is missing!

bramdod wrote:
> No. I am even not aware of that command.

do you know how to use YaST to add software?

if not, you may read up on that at

add the correct repository for OpenOffice and use YaST to fetch the
newer one (which version are you using…and, is it causing problems
or missing some function you need?)



This should be the correct repository you need
Index of /repositories/OpenOffice.org:/STABLE/openSUSE_10.3
(copy & paste it)

Once you have added this (follow the link given by duo to understand how to do) filter the software install search by repositries, select the new added source and upgrade every single package that is coloured blue.

Have Fun

thanks, I will follow your recommendations and tell the results