I am not so glad with opensuse 11.3

I have been a Suse user since version 5.0 or so. There always has been some reason to rejoice when a new version came out: new possibilities, better graphics and so on. In the meantime, I have learned to install a (sometimes unwilling) desktop. Since 11.3, the situation is different. On my laptop, I installed Ubuntu because the wifi would not work otherwise (read: the driver configuration of OpenSuse left me no other choice. Yes it is a Toshiba, and they are notorious for their lack of support for Linux, but version 11.2 would work flawless, even the suspend feature does what it is supposed to do, after some tweaking.
On my main machine, 11.3 did not work the way I expected. Especially, there was a mouse problem. I had to move the mouse physically and forcefully to get some reaction from it, the resolution of my monitor (1440x900) was not recognized and the PCIE cards were not seen by the computer (XP saw them nevertheless). More importantly, the keyboard worked only after moving the mouse forcefully and when I was fast after that, I succeeded in typing some text.
I use an AMD X2, not too recent processor, but again, 11.2 worked like it should. That is where I downgraded to. And all is well. The delayed reaction has gone.

I am afraid I have seen the last of Opensuse (11.3). I will miss all those wonderful new developments, but that’s how it is. Ubuntu will show me these, I suppose.


Gijs van Gemert

So stay with 11.2 it has plenty of life in it.
Better than the suggested alternative.


What does the original post have to do with “wiki discussions”? It beats me!

A couple of suggestions:

Get help on the issues that don’t work.
Boot the machine from a LiveCD, you will see what works, what does not
The wireless is probably a broadcom, install driver from Packman repo.

gijsh wrote:
> I am afraid I have seen the last of Opensuse (11.3).

bye, person who can’t figure out where to post a whine…

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Do we have “Anti openSUSE propaganda war on openSUSE ground” ?

Someone’s strategy says, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”. Some negative feedback can be usefully dealt with, and it doesn’t necessarily constitute “a propaganda war”.

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Dude, you are a veteran… from SuSE 5.0 till now, that gives you what? 15 years of experience and you can’t solve those issues?
You just placed yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Maybe you should go back to Windows 8)

bye, person who can’t figure out where to post a whine…

Do we have “Anti openSUSE propaganda war on openSUSE ground” ?

You just placed yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Maybe you should go back to Windows 8)

I don’t quite understand why the reactions in here must be so very rude. Do you guys feel offended?


openSUSE 11.3 is very new. Please be patient. New software is a little bit bugier than older software. But the time makes software better and buglesser. Try to install openSUSE 11.3 in December, then i am sure it will be much more stable and faster.

So (since isn’t 11.4 due out around March?), for a stable version, use the one-step older version (use 11.2 until 11.4 comes out then go to 11.3)?

Yeah, each new version is very exciting. That’s why I’ve regulated myself to trying things out on my laptop and keeping the family desktop “clean” until I see reason enough to upgrade it (like getting something to work that doesn’t, etc.). Outside of having a second computer, I would use a USB flash drive version of the LiveCD to poke around with.

Did you read the forums extensively regarding your wireless, mouse and resolution issues? Did you post any questions regarding this? Because XP saw them, that just means the hardware is working, otherwise it means nothing to Linux.

If it was working with 11.2, then downgrade it or use 11.3 to figure out where the problems are and make bug reports so it can be fixed for 11.4 or 11.5 for not only yourself, but for all the silent users suffering with similar or the same problems. (** grumble… grumble… guess I should take my own advice…**)

Might want to look on the forums for mouse issues in Ubuntu too. A friend of mine just got his fixed with an update of some kind, but it was keeping him from moving to 10.04 until recently.

openSUSE 11.3 is for me stable yet. But for many people stability is an subjective feeling. So use that with what you feel comfortable.

I can tell you that my laptop is a toshiba satellite m45-s265 ( about 4 years old ), and both 11.2 and 11.3 both worked right out of the box, fresh install. Granted, it has older hardware than what your using, but both worked like a charm, including wireless internet ( almost fell over when this happened ), so it is possible. Have you tried getting drivers?? I don’t know a lot about your laptop, but there is toshiba support out there…

Dude that post is all about sarcasm and shows he isn’t even interested in debugging anything… From someone who is around since SuSE 5.0 (his own words), all those problems would be easy to diagnose as most people who are around since that time have cross against them in the past. Do you see anything constructive on his post? Please enlighten me.

It’s not being destructive! It’s being realistic. That said, I know exactly where his problem lies: between the chair and the keyboard. But then again if you don’t really see any point in my speech, read his post once more. Trolls are fought with spears and arrows!

Look at my pic: Enrico Maxwell! See the sarcasm? Come on dude… really does that post looks like someone who has been around from SuSE 5.0? While some deserve to be proper attention that kind of post doesn’t.

Anybody seen the OP drop in? I wouldn’t. An opportunity missed to help him through. All that was needed was some reading between the lines.

Drop in? No, he definitely aimed to drop out.

“I wouldn’t.” You wouldn’t write a suicide note like the OP’s. Ok, maybe not suicide, but ubunticide is a big clue as to the intent.

Opportunity? Sometimes, but in this case I don’t think so as it was deliberately posted in a wiki forum, not in a help forum or soapbox. This was no newcomer.

“Dude”, I do recognize the lack of effort to solve a problem (though I don’t see any sarcasm), but either way, this is no reason to attack someone.