I am done with GNOME 3

Didn’t Gnome 3 just come out? At least it’s farther ahead of where kde4 was when it first came out. KDE4 was a bloody mess and killed puppies when it was first released. Btw, real fair comparison there. <rolls eyes>

In other words, when we agree with you. Gotcha.

Gee and I thought this was open. Open source, open discussion. If you wanted it closed, post it on a blog where you can control it. If you are looking for only those that agree with you…then you’ll be waiting till the end of time. It will never happen that all will agree with you. And to say “end of discussion” is very closed minded. Why bother posting? You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but so are others. Even those that disagree with you. Just because someone has a different experience doesn’t make you or the other person wrong or the opinion invalid.

If you remember, back when KDE 4 came out, it went through a period just like this. Give it time and I’m sure GNOME will be fine. But there will always be someone that will disagree with you, no matter what side of the fense you are on. Deal with it.

Because you tried to install it and fail it’s unreliable? Interesting.