I am deleting partitions after a new install

openSUSE 12.3
KDE 4.10.5

I did a new install and plan to use the old HDD for /home.

So, I am using gparted to see what’s on sdb, and to delete and resize partitions.

I am thinking that everyones partition scheme could be different but I also think that there is a standard setup.
When I did the 1st install I took all the defaults and wound up with 4 partitions.
I am trying to identify them with the intent of deleting everything except the old /home.

Here they are except df does not show sdb1 and sdb2 and I removed the duplicates.

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sdb1        20G                             doesnt show in /dev/dev but has these flags......boot,lba,type<-----------------------was this the boot partition ?
/dev/sdb2                                                                                                                      <---------------------I deleted as it was empty
/dev/sdb6        11G  5.8G  4.1G  59% /run/media/hexdump/f06492e6-2e6f-41b6-a36f-f3aec5e9d81c<-----------------------------I think this was /home and I want to preserve it.
/dev/sdb5       7.5G  6.8G  336M  96% /run/media/hexdump/3315bbcd-f509-483d-9430-f130e943078e<--------------------------Was this /root ?

Default should be 3 partitions root,home swap. Unless UEFI BIOS then there may be a fourth EFI/boot which must be formatted FAT.

fdisk - l gives a better look at what partitions are on the disk

There may be an additional partition if you have and extended partition.