i am connected to the internet, but can't browse and can't ping too

hey, i am running opensuse 12.2 on my laptop. my internet connection was working well, i could use, wireless, a modem or ethernet cable. yesterday evenng, when i put on my laptop, i was unable to access the internet. my modem connected well, but i couldnt browse, i get the error “the web page is not available”, and when i ping say google.com, i get “ping: unknown hostname google.com

i have connected to wifi, and several networks, same problem. what can i do? im stuck with alot of pending work on my laptop and i badly need my connection on. some help PLEASE:(

When you use a hostname in an URL to go in the internet ands there is a message like that, it means that your hostname can not be resolved to an IP address. In other words, your DNS does not know the answer or, more likely in this case, you have no DNS server configured.

First question is then of course: do you use DHCP or do you configure yourself?

And the following will show you which DNS server(s) you have confuigred at the moment:

grep -v '^#' /etc/resolv.conf

Edit: BTW if you want to know if you ca reach a google.com system, do


If that succeeds, you have access to the internet.