I am being beaten up hard. Help! (CITRIX)

On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 15:06:02 GMT, weverjames
<weverjames@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:

>I have been trying to get access to my company server using opensuse.
>For that I need to have citrix access gateway working. My company has a
>webpage and within it a link for employee access. After putting my
>username and password it will start open an Citrix Access Gateway window
>but it won’t load the applications I need. I just show in that area the
>message: “the page isn’t redirecting properly”. Note that it opens and
>works well in windows 7.
>What I have done:
>-downloaded the citrix plugin for linux RPM
>-I downloaded and installed openmotif 32 bits (the citrix plugin is 32
>-I changed gnashplayer to 32 bits (after unsuccesfully trying with the
>default 64 bits)
>-I copied the certificates of my company webpage to to
>usr/lic/ICAclient/keystore/Cacerts with the native crt extension.
>-I installed the citrix plugin after the previous steps.
>I am not sure if I skipped something or I have to further configurate
>the citrix receiver. I tried doing so:
>-going to View (in citrix receiver), click in Citrix XenApp view. I
>will ask me to put the url. I entered the url (the web address of my
>company server) but I got the message: “Citrix Xen App can not update
>the configuration information…”
>Please help. I do not have more ideas about what to do.

In spite of this thread being so old, i think that the 32/64 issue
will be ugly for some time. If you have a 64 bit box be sure to
incude the 32 bit execution environment AT INSTALL_TIME. It solves
/ prevents so many problems.