I am back

After years of health problems(Benign Tumor in retina) and many surgeries i can say that i am back to action. I saw the new openSUSE(all of these years i was using the 11,4 version). I can write that the new version is perfect.

Welcome back.

Holly biscuits ! that sounds very bad.
Man, I truly hope you have had a full recovery.
Welcome back!

I am new to OpenSuse and i agree with you.
I also think that it is perfect.

Kind regards,

I am old on openSUSE i use it since suse linux 10(2005). Also welcome to openSUSE. If you have any problems, you can ask here. The community is helpful and we will help you to solve them.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back.

11.4 to 15.2 / 15.3. Wow! That’s a major jump!

Glad to read overall you are happy with it.

Yeahhhh hehehehe. Many things have changed. I was trying to find packages for 11,4 but… so i decided to make a big upgrade(major jump as you have writen) to 15.2 and see how much the opensuse has changed. The good is that my old laptop(hp pavilion dv6 of 2012) can run the new opensuse 15.2. So it is ok. With K.D.E 5.18.6 and openGL 3.1 it runs perfect and much smoother than the old 11.4.