I am back home (again)

Hi guys
It has been so long.

I started my Linux journey in 2000 with SuSe.

Recently I have been distrohopping like crazy and tried almost everything, be it Arch, Debian, RPM, Slakware,… even BSD

But I was dreaming for sometime and hoping to find a distro that is rolling (install once and forget it), BTRFS and KDE, automatic snapshots without having the issue of Baloo with BTRFS snapshots where it used to reindex snapshots and give multiple results all pointing to the same file.

No distro let me get this till I just installed Tumbleweed a couple hours ago and found it is fitting the bill.

I had a few snapshots and search results are as supposed to be.

I am glad I am back home, to where I started my Linux life since 2000.

I hope I am still welcome and I hope I will stop distrohopping as I just got exactly what I have been looking for.


Welcome back :smile:

It was the same with me being a Debian user prior to this year. openSUSE provides really cool btrfs/snapper/grub integration I decided to make my life a little easier :leaves:

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Yes @pavinjoseph this is the point. No other distro offered this.
And Baloo didn’t play well with BTRFS snapshots as I mentioned.
On the other hand some distros had issues with Grub and updates, where Grub used to break and system become unbootable.

I believe BTRFS is a great advancement, the future will be BTRFS.

Tumbleweed is my dream come true.