I am actually really interested in the new upcoming Ubuntu

Time for some blasphemy, but I have to admit Ubuntu 14.04 is looking to be the best release that distro has had in ages and it gives me hope (to a point) that the future of Ubuntu may be good again.
Its mainly the new features coming to Ubuntu’s unity that has got me interested, mainly the smaller app launcher (about friggin time this will be able to be smaller then 32 pixels!)
And local menus in apps (again about friggin time!)
Its rare I get this excited about a new distro release, so kudos to Ubuntu for a change.
While not that innovative in the grand scheme of things it sure will be nice to have a good LTS release again.
12.04 is part of the reason why I am not using Ubuntu as my mainstay.
While this doesnt mean I will abandon openSUSE 13.1 it does give me something on the side to toy with and boot up every once in a blue moon just as i do windows on this same machine.
Its nice to have options.

There’s quite a few here that both multi boot & distro hop. Why some here even dabble in Windows, they may not stay but they dabble or least use on a as needed basis.
I even once had a thread in Surveys its here:

I myself bounce between Opensuse,PCLOS, & Sabayon.

So go forward with these 3 reasons in mind:

  1. Have a lot of fun!
  2. If it’s Linux it’s all good
  3. Learn something new? Share it with us! OK?!

Yeah I admit I am a chronic distro hopper, been through dozens of flavors.
But I do have my favorites and openSUSE is definitely one of my faves.
The only thing that may push me over here to Ubuntu 14.04 is its LTS status.
openSUSE may have evergreen but 3 years of support compared to 5 is still a tad too short and is part of the reason why I dont think openSUSE isnt as popular as it should be (that and needing to buy the SUSE Enterprise to go more then 3 years).
I still hope one day that kind of stuff is broken in openSUSE’s future, it still being funded by attachmate but the corporate ties to SUSE severed.

Did I miss something here? I’m having trouble getting my head around the notion of a self-admitted distro hopper who’s “been through dozens of flavors”, yet his biggest concern is LTS status.

I realize that might sound sarcastic. That’s not my intent. I genuinely am curious about the apparent contradiction.

Well I consider LTS a good bonus, as usually when there is an LTS I usually stick to it.
Its more or less having a foundation to stand on if things go wrong, and 5 years of support is a good foundation

On Fri 07 Mar 2014 07:26:01 PM CST, MadmanRB wrote:

Well I consider LTS a good bonus, as usually when there is an LTS I
usually stick to it.
Its more or less having a foundation to stand on if things go wrong, and
5 years of support is a good foundation

Bah humbug :wink: get SLED and you get 10 years via Service Packs… at
around a total cost of US$450 for basic support for 10 years… can’t
beat it…

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Yeah if I was rich and was running a server.

Geez, you guyz!

Where’s yer sense of adventure?

Make tech life exciting!

openSUSE this week, Ubuntu next week, Puppy the following week, Mint the next, Fedora the week after that, then Zorin, then Red Hat, and so on.

You could even throw yourself a curve with a week of Wi… uh, Wi…, er Wi… Hmm. Can’t seem to get it to work.

You will never be bored, that way.rotfl!

It’s the desktop version… still has GNOME 2.28.2…

I have SLES, SLED and openSUSE, this week it’s SLED 12 Beta and on Sundays it’s windows 8.1 to watch Nascar on raceview (I need to install pipelight to get the unity 3D plugin working).


This does not surprise me at all, sounds normal for you, Malcolm.

The only thing of interest in Ubuntu for me is whether the new icon set will be available in 14.04.

Apparently it may not as the new icons are mainly targeted at Unity’s mobile not desktop.
But only time will tell.

Aren’t they supposed to be convergent :smiley: ? The only thing i don’t like is them shipping an LTS, which should include a ui revamp of some sort.

But as far as icons for other distros go, i’m hoping for the Moka project to succeed as Faenza did.

Well unity will go into a UI revamp next version with unity 8 on 14.10, right now its focus is stabilizing the current unity while adding just a few features.

I’m also looking forward to 14.04 … I think it could be their best release since Lucid (10.04). SLES / SLED 12 beta also looks really good, so it may be tough for me to decide which one to ultimately go with over the long term (cost isn’t the deciding factor here, usability, stability, and long-term support is).

Guess I’m not the sort of Linux user I once was. I don’t like distro-hopping and / or upgrading at least yearly anymore, and once I get my systems working, I need them to be solid and reliable for at least few years (I use Linux desktops and servers for real work / income – I’ve just found that the non-LTS or non-enterprise distros cost me too much in time and effort to keep going, and I can’t afford the risk of downtime / fiddling / frustration that a “bad release” would give me vs one that focuses on stability and is going to be around for awhile…

Yes, I know there is Debian, yes I choose not to use it.


Yeah there are advantages to Ubuntu’s LTS releases compared to some release cycles.
Though when 16.04 comes out I do hope they bring back unity 7 as a fallback as the future of MIR is still blurry.
I will not use any future of ubuntu until I am are sure MIR wont break anything

Well, that is two years away. Granted, Canonical are notorious for not meeting any schedules, but I think that if they make the slightest possible impact in mobile, it may help them out massively. (Even it there is no need for their product, considering Jolla is also out, and you have Android and Win Phone)And they seem to have gone with massive emerging markets, like China f.ex. I think that could steer a bunch of $$ their way, and that they could expand.
Or crash and burn and have to look for a corporate niche to make it.
In any way, it seems that 14.04 - 16.04 will be decisive for Canonical, and subsequently Ubuntu. And, despite what anyone might think, I wish them all the best :slight_smile:

Ubuntu is killing the UbuntuOne storage service. Only single sign-on remains.

More: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/canonical-axe-ubuntu-one-file-music-services-grab-data-now

Yeah shame too as it offered an alternative to dropbox or google drive.