I am a noob again!!

guess the ranking has been let to the wayside, I have no rank…though after a 14 hour work day, I am pretty rank.
plus had to reg again…
also I am sure this has already been addressed, but I am beat…can’t seem to see who is online, sure it is here somewhere, but if it isn’t, then that means you don’t know what’s going on with old buddies from our original forums, no biggie…just would be difficult to know when MattB Classic is trolling to start a flame war!! (ha ha, hey MBC!)

goto quick links at top right just under your user name then to who’s online

Welcome, maestro Chef, I’ve missed your Serrano-style piquancy. For Who’s online, it’s in “quick links”

noob again? When did that change? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry ol Matt is riding his mule around here someplace.

Great handle! :wink:

i’m here keysersuse :)most of us from the old forum is still here, one person i haven’t seen, surprisingly, is possibly someone who may be the most knowledgeable on the forum even after the merge, or at least still one of the most knowledgeable…and that is none other than broch :frowning:

broch is also here. I saw a few posts of him on this forum. He’s just not very active like some of us.

I almost did not recognize KeyserSUSE without his hyperactive/explosive avatar. Plus, I still miss Swerdna’s hat. You know, you get used to everyone’s avatars… No animations anymore? I noticed MattBClassic’s stick is no longer swinging. Kinda sad when your stick no longer swings…

Is that the hat, rivenought?

Rene, I don’t write here much but the gang’s all here. Matt,feathermonkey, even oldcpu made it & as you can see swerdna’s here.
Swerdna personally I miss the blinking eyes.

Swerdna, Yes, that is one of the hats that make you look quite dapper. The red is jovial, and the green one for St. Patrick’s Day is quite festive. Of course, we all look forward to Santa Swerdna’s Yuletide elf hat with the fuzzy ball on the tip. There must not be any animations in the avatars here yet, since I have not seen any, as yet.

I try not to put much emphasis on post count. I prefer forums that utilize a karma system. Ideally, I think posters make a reputation for themselves that stands alone.

Yeah, I know how you feel, I need one year to stockpile just 100+ post. But like others say sometimes we need to sacrifice something to achieve greater goal together(unifying the community).

Conversely, I used to rack up 100 to 150+ per day on the Obsidian forums, and the Off Topic forums didn’t count towards post count. I sat watching servers, and just posting on forums at work for 8 hours.

I know what ur talkin bout. I feel like a noob again too :(:wink:

Great to know that a lot of buddies are continuing on here, as well as those from the other forums.
will take some time to get used to though.

KeyserSuSE wins the best name of the year award; no contest.