Guys i have to configure that faxserver on OpenSuse 11.2, coul you please explain me how to ?
I can’t make it work, everytime i make some step there’s an error cos of lack of packages or some configuration.
Worst thing is that the PC can’t access the net and i have to download everything from another pc to copy them with an USB stick.
At this moment i’m at the point that i have to install gcc to go on but i don’t know how to and there’s many dependenciesI don’t know how to go on and i have to do that ASAP.
Please, help me.

You can find most packages, including gcc and hylafax, on the installation DVD. So you don’t need Internet for the installation.

Does the computer have a DVD player?

If not, it is possible to put the installation files on a USB memory stick.

Now i’ve seen the suse/x86_x64 folder with all the rpm packages, i’ll try to use it.

The righ code is “rpm -ivh folder/subfolder/file.rpm” ??

Yes, maybe more correct with a / :
rpm -ivh /folder/subfolder/file.rpm

However, you cannot solve long dependency issues, if they arise, with rpm commands.

Why can’t you use yast or zypper? If your local repo (DVD) is configured (it will be default), the packages will be installed from that and dependencies will be automatically resolved. Internet connection not needed.