Hylafax+iaxmodem+asterisk on opensuse

I know this has not sctrictly to do with opensuse but I hope to find an answer.
I installed asterisk+iaxmodem+hylafax.
Outgoing fax is working fine.
Incoming instead does not.
Here is the asterisk console messages during an incoming fax:

 Call accepted by (format ulaw)
    -- Format for call is ulaw
    -- IAX2/iaxmodem-11280 is ringing
    -- Nobody picked up in 20000 ms
    -- Hungup 'IAX2/iaxmodem-11280'
  == Auto fallthrough, channel 'mISDN/1-u247' status is 'NOANSWER'

Iaxmodem does not answer the call. Faxgetty is active.

ps -e gives: 3122 ? 00:00:00 faxgetty

In the faxmodem configuration on hylafax I asked for anwer after the second ring.

I can’t figure out what is happening.

Could you please give me a hand?