huwaei ETS 1220 USB modem connection

hello frineds i have huwaei ETS1220 usb modem
and im using it on windows xp
but its not wkg in opensuse 11.3 kde4
its giving its vendor id produc id
but when i gave command wvdialconf on console its not detectd or not attached to any USBtty
im tried to connect throuch NDSIwrapper but its also not worked fine
please give me any suggessions for my problem either using ndsiwrapper or some other way
thanks in advance

if you plug it in and type

in a terminal and copy and paste the results for your Huawei

and if you copy and paste

dmesg | grep tty
into a terminal, and copy and paste the results back; one is hoping to see ttyUSB0

you may not need wvdial