Hurrah, or not.

I’ve apparently grown up and become a Wise Penguin.

I don’t want to grow-up; and I’m none the wiser, not that there are any reliable references to consult, in how to stop time:’(

Huzza and a bottle of rum, for now;)

You have deserve it one way or another. Time to take the responsibility as well . Enjoy the rum :stuck_out_tongue: and face tomorrow like a wise penguin.

regards from Sweden.

Thanks mate:)

Congratulations, now it is about time to juice the sauce. :wink:

De base****:

**Pour cette recette de sauce béarnaise**
2 jaunes d'oeufs extra frais - 125 g de beurre - 5 cl de vinaigre - 2 dl de vin blanc - 2 échalotes ciselées ou une grosse - estragon - cerfeuil - persil - poivre en grain - sel


  - 1 portion de sauce béarnaise
  - 30 ml de demi-glace de veau
  - Poivre

**Voilà, Sauce Foyot.



Just tell people they left off a key, 3-letter word… right after “wise” and before “penguin” :wink:

Just tell people they left off a key, 3-letter word… right after “wise” and before “penguin” :wink:

Ah yes, that’s probably fair:)

Have my impulses now and again, and what comes out tends sometimes to unintentionally be a result rather puerile; similar to what may come out of a smart ass arse, depending upon how creative it’s been preparing the dishes, spicing its grass, sauce etc, that day. The latter may seem as what should be expected, however, in cases involving this fauna anomaly, asses with intention, results may be surprisingly hard to predict.

Still, the fertiliser might be up to scratch; and perhaps it is the (pre-)antecedent to the cause (antecedent) and consequent relation (above) which one should be focusing closer on to, i.e. not what is being consumed by it but what it is consumed by.
‘Ex nihilo nihil fit’ the opposite to ‘Creatio ex nihilo’ though, still may very well hold a valid position, in my view, in the monotheistic sphere, when regarding the protestant liturgy of the funeral service only:

**"Frå jord er du komen. Til jord skal du verta. Av jord skal du atter stå opp"


Not coming from a very long cultural tradition the ass may then easily get confused, not many references to console to, just confined to a random dip into someone else’s. But with some luck and persistence the ass might manage to force itself into postulating some convincing, esoteric (for it exclusively, perhaps), metaphysical premises and principles. Succeeding in establishing, further, any truth validity to a given theory, thus creating a theory with prevailing potential, however, seems much more dangerous; settle with convincing oneself might be the most plausible and sensible goal.

Note regarding the fertiliser: any traces of parsnips or hemlock odour and the dung should be treated with suspicion.

Hope to have furthered the aim to consolidate my position as a wise- … ; writing in English being Norwegian has probably helped the effort.
‘Quack, quack’, or whatever the pigeons say in English.

This is of course just gibberish, just me [continuing] playing [probably poorly] with words and reason etc.
Had fun though, until I got too tired.
Please feel free to call me an idiot, or whatever, if you think it deserved,
Good night:shame:

You are really turn into wise penguin. :slight_smile:

I hope that you will excuse an entirely functionally useless contribution, but submitted in the hope that you enjoy it:

Here are some highlights of the song “I don’t want to grow up” by Tom Waits and K Brennan

Seems like folks turn into things
That they’d never want
The only thing to live for
Is today

And I don’t wanna grow up
I don’t wnna have to shout it out
I don’t want my hair to fall out
I don’t wanna be filled with doubt
I don’t wanna be a good boy scout
I don’t wanna have to learn to count
I don’t wanna have the biggest amount
I don’t wanna grow up

When I see the 5 o’clock news
I don’t wanna grow up
Comb their hair and shine their shoes
I don’t wanna grow up
Stay around in my old hometown
I don’t wanna put no money down
I don’t wanna get me a big old loan
Work them fingers to the bone
I don’t wanna float a broom
Fall in and get married then boom
How the hell did I get here so soon
I don’t wanna grow up

I’m sure Mr Waits would understand the bit about the bottle of rum, but the whole not wanting to grow up thing seems easy to understand to me. Enjoy!

Now it means you get to break things with authority!!

Actually, you do not break things, rather you test the stress limits OR dissect the situation for teaching purposes (like bioligy class except without the formaldihide ) :wink:

I will never grow up, I am a toys R us kid

rotfl! I agree!!


Did you guys grow up with that one (