Huge text in certain boxes

Such as Title and the Edit / Quick Reply.](

Taken with a Safari 3.1.1 browser - I wonder if I should start stabbing the browser itself or whether the problem lies in the style sheet.

And this is only an issue in the openSuSE-forums skin - which I could’ve edited into my earlier post if I could edit them, which I can’t.

Using FireFox 2 here and having no problems.

Large is typically a relative term, but huge normally is huge! :smiley:

Because of my eyesight, I prefer large fonts, but huge is another matter. … No one likes huge.

Any chance of getting a screen dump/print of what you are seeing, to help us put this in perspective?

When I change my skin to openSUSE the size of the characters in the box where I am typing right now ia much more normal top me. That means more in line with the others fonts on the page.

And I now also see what oldcpu means with ‘huge’. This not huge with ‘openSUSE- Forums’ at all (so the other way around as the fonts in the box).

Style sheet as Chrysantine suggested?

There’s a link in my post to a picture - middle of the text - it’s a bit hard to spot because it’s all white.

Thanks! … Don’t know how I missed that. :rolleyes:

I need to check again, but I think I saw fonts (in my tests with firefox, opera, and konqueror) that was not far off from that size, although perhaps not quite as large (ie a bit smaller). I tend to like large fonts, and that may have biased my view. I also wonder if there is a browser setting for fonts that affects a box such as this, but not the rest of the page? < don’t know - just wondering out loud >

Maybe tonight I need to do the same as you, and do a screen print of font size from:

  • opera
  • konqueror
  • firefox
    with each of the two styles, to put this in perspective.

Seems to have something to do with this rule:

textarea, .bginput

font: 10pt verdana, geneva, lucida, ‘lucida grande’, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;

Maybe try with different values, such as 1em instead of 10pt … points are normally values for printing, dunno why vBulletin uses them a couple of times in its theme. Pixels could work, but again 12px gives different results on Windows or Mac…

Edit: comment above is for the forum people, not end-users (unless you are familiar with Web Developer Toolbar or Firebug or something…)