Huge decrease in space on /

I was reading this thread, running out of disk space on /root directory, and decided to check my usage. The space on / had decreased by 3.1G from earlier in the day. I tracked the increased usage down to core dumps in /var/lib/systemd/coredump. The dumps had the forms:




I deleted them all and recovered the lost space on /. The dumps dated from yesterday and today. From the zypper history I see that systemd was patched this morning and on the 5th. There’s an earlier version of systemd available. I’m extremely reluctant to mess with systemd. Any suggestions?


Ah, further research tells me that those dumps are not from systemd, but rather systemd handles coredumps from applications and puts the core files in /var/lib/systemd/coredump. I looked through the output of journalctl and found that something called
“tracker-extract” is dumping core. I have Gnome installed. Is that a Gnome and KDE process? Or just a Gnome process? How should I handle this?


Run the command (as root user);


To confirm when and where :wink:

You can disable all the tracker stuff if you want via System Settings -> Search and Indexing.

Thanks, Malcolm. I fired up Gnome and in Settings unchecked all the search location boxes. Haven’t seen a recurrence of the problem.