HTML5 video freezes computer

So I finally got around to posting about this, after trying to figure this out myself. Whenever I try to watch an HTML5 youtube video on Google Chrome, Chromium, or Opera 26 stable, it almost immediately freezes the entire computer solid. Mouse doesn’t move, sound “sticks” (replays last few samples over and over), etc. After ten minutes of waiting I just hard reset. It only happens with HTML5 video, flash has no issues (player 12 on Firefox, as I can’t get YouTube to not use HTML5 on Chrome, and Pepper Flash 16 in Opera) work fine (well, there’s some minor screen tearing, but that’s another issue).

I just built this machine a little while ago. Intel Core i7 4790, Z97 chipset, EVGA GeForce GTX760 2GB (factory overclocked, if that matters), with OpenSuse 13.2 KDE installed on a 128 GB SSD. Home directory is on separate mechanical drive. I’ve tried removing the Nvidia proprietary drivers (340.65 from official Nvidia repo) and using noveau, and that didn’t work. At all. Trying to go noveau-only rendered my system terminal-only with no GUI. Disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome didn’t affect the issue.

Also, I dual-boot with Windows 8.1 (UEFI with Secure Boot disabled) and I encounter none of these issues in Windows. It’s all buttery smooth there.

If anyone can shed any light on this mystery, I’d much appreciate it. I’m thoroughly stumped.

Does it happen with FireFox?

Your investigation should start with running appropriate benchmarks for whatever you’re testing, in this case HTML5 video.
So, for instance these links

Benchmarks are intended to try to provide objective measurement and testing for specific things.
In this case, you should be aware that not all HTML5 video is created equally… Performance (and bugginess) can be affected by things like support for specific streaming protocols, the multimedia container, sometimes specific implementations.

What you describe can be hard to troubleshoot…
If possible, you should try to determine if it’s a hardware or software issue. This might involve some research about the videocard used and its capabilities. It might be physical (eg loose or improper fit. Remove, clean connections and re-install).

I’m not familiar with the specific videocard you’re using, but from your Intel description, it sounds like at least that is very current (Since spring 2013).

Like always, try to install and update to the latest GPU drivers available. This can usually be done by updating the system as a whole if your driver comes from a repository

zypper up

Hopefully by the above you can gather enough information and possibly something relevant,

All my packages (and thus drivers) are up to date. The GPU is current; the GeForce GTX 760 was released in June 2013. The stock model is clocked at 980 MHz, but mine is factory (EVGA) overclocked to 1057 MHz. I don’t think it’s hardware, as Windows has no issues at all with this card. I’ve also re-connected everything in the case at one point (I wanted to tidy up the cabling) with no effect on the freezing. Only thing I can think of is that the power supply is 50 watts less than the recommended PSU for this GPU, but I’ve done the math on all the components and I should be fine (with a healthy margin). Also, again, Windows is fine, even during heavy usage (gaming).

I will try the Impact HTML5 Benchmark shortly, and report back the results.

Also, @gogalthorp, I actually couldn’t get Firefox to display any YouTube videos in HTML5, only Flash. I didn’t go looking for others because I didn’t really want to crash my computer again :).

Well this is interesting. I just completed several HTML5 benchmarks successfully in Chrome and Opera, with no issues at all (except for some screen tearing, which I’ve also seen with actual OS windows; but that’s another matter).

So far it seems to only be YouTube HTML5 videos, and I have no idea what could be so special about YouTube that freezes my entire PC​. The Peacekeeper benchmark tested the WebM, H.264, and Theora codecs with HTML5 and the only issue there was that WebM stuttered horribly in Chrome.

I’ll try to persuade YouTube to play a video in HTML5 in Firefox, and edit this post with the results of that.

Well, Firefox plays HTML5 YouTube videos with no issue. But Chrome and Opera still freeze immediately. I also can’t make Konqueror play any YouTube videos in HTML5, it always “has a problem” and kicks over to flash. So it appears that only Chromium based browsers have this issue. I could try reporting this issue to Google (as the official Chrome browser has it), but I fully expect the big G to ignore a linux issue. Oh well.

what you are saying is you have issues with webm video (vp8) I’m not sure if chrome uses system libraries for vp8 or they’re hard coded in the distribution, did you try chromium?

why is chromium a better choice then opera or chrome? unlike those it’s open sourced and build by the openSUSE project so there shouldn’t be any shared library issues, and seeing how google and foxit opened the code to chrome’s pdf plugin it should be part of the chromium package (I haven’t installed/tested it I prefer/use Firefox)