HTML rendering on desktop

Is there an application that can render HTML right on top of the desktop. So that I don’t have to open up a browser and go to the page to see the data.

Not really sure what you mean here if you mean to serve a page to your desktop think you maybe pushing it a bit.

But you have shortcuts, certainly if using vim
:!firefox %
then map this to what ever shortcut, but this is different from serving it just tried it. Now ff rendered all the html but my serverside stuff didn’t work.

Certainly with vim and using ! you could map a shortcut to work out the url path and open in ff psuedo code(echo % ; url = replace /srv/www/ localhost; firefox url).

Or really have it the same place and use a terminal browser like lynx but that’ll limit the stuff you can use.

I’ve got a piece of HTML code that is a stock ticker. I would like that ticker to appear on my screen, without having to open up a browser.

I haven’t tried your VIM suggestion yet, but I couldn’t find anything for this in all the desktop applets/ gadgets/ widgets out there for GNOME…

Don’t really know of one but can you get similar info as an rss or perhaps change it to an rss feed,

You may find this could help, Pipes: Rewire the web

You should have no trouble finding an rss feed desklet, also depending on what you have for example using compiz-fusion I have a widget layer now for me I always have a terminal on it. One shortcut and it drops down.

Also I’ve seen ways off placing terminals into desktops perhaps in your case you would just do it with a browser. I tried but ended up on top of everything using a widget layer, because, when I cleared the desktop to get to it it would also disappear. 1st hit