HTML icon does not show up in Nautilus

Hi all,

Fresh install of openSUSE leap 42.1 Gnome. I created a HTML doc with Gedit but there is no icon in Nautilus, just a flat line with the name. Anybody running Gnome could test this?

Thanks in advance.


This reply is an edit to my previous post. Looking back at my post I noticed that I did not ask a question. So my question is does anyone know why the icon for a .html file would not show up in the Files manager?

Thanks in advance.

  • I did run Fedora 24 for a bit and it displays the correct html file icon in Files after it is created.

as I don’t use gnome or nautilus I’m guessing that the file manager tries to show a thumb of the html file but if said text file is empty it shows a blank icon, disable thumbnails for html files, I’m not sure how it’s done in gnome, it’s probobly an option in nautilus

That did the trick! I created a document with just the html tags but did not have any actual text - I added some text and the icon showed up in Nautilus - thank you very much for your help.