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Will Gedit work for this? I have a class coming up, and am going to be forced to learn Java. Also please bear in mind that I’m running 11.3 LXDE.



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> Will Gedit work for this? I have a class coming up, and am going to be
> forced to learn Java. Also please bear in mind that I’m running 11.3
> Thanks
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Sure gedit will work fine for editing HTML - HTML files are just plain
text files.

Or you could use quanta+ or bluefish if you wanted an HTML-specific
editor (though gedit does have syntax highlighting for many things
including HTML IIRC).


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Also, if you’ll be doing a lot of programming you might want to consider
trying Emacs or VI which both have many extra features which can really
speed up coding once you learn the basics.

VI will already be available and Emacs can be installed from the

If you prefer an IDE, Netbeans is good for Java. But I find the large
IDEs just get in the way and take away the time saving editing commands.


If you know HTML, you can use any text editor to compose HTML pages. If you want a GUI interface, the best Open Source options I’ve run across so far are Kompozer and Amaya. I personally use SciTE which is a programming editor for my web pages. I’ve added some extensions to automatically upload and download HTML files to a web site and list HTML tag syntax as I type and some other custom features to it. There are also scripts or ways to set options in programming editors so you can easily preview your web page in a web browser after you save it in the text editor or just open a web browser, look at your page and hit refresh after you’ve updated it.

Well, just assume I know absolutely nothing about programming, because it is very accurate. Not really big into it, I just want to get through this class, and was thinking I’d start tinkering so I at least have some idea of whats going on when it starts.


I recommend Komodo edit for HTML. One, it’s an editor, not an integrated developer environment (IDE), so it’s lightweight and doesn’t have tons of confusing things you won’t need. Two, it has code completion. So when you start typing an HTML tag it lists all the options and narrows them down the more you type. Good for avoiding pesky typos and helps you remember some of the more obscure tags. And three, it’s free!

Good luck!

If you’re starting to learn HTML I’d say do not go with the IDEs but stick with a plain text editor with just syntax highlighting for HTML - it helps you understand HTML better rather than auto-code-generators… Once you’re good with the basics then go with the IDE of your choice or requirements…

I am using Geany, It’s super fast and very easy to play with, no confusing extra things. HTML highlighter and auto completing tags by opening. Nice and very simple one.
Used all above, but love Geany because of its simplicity.

I always encourage VI or VIM. Emacs may work well but VI will be available on any unix system you use.

As far as your class goes I would wait and see what the teacher is asking you to write your HTML markup in and then use something similar.
If your professor asks you to use, god forbid, notepad then any text editor will work.

Thanks for the info everyone…