HTML editor in Konqueror

HTML editors are not appearing for me in Konqueror (they do in Firefox), that I use for online mail as well as updating a site with a CMS.

Appreciate guidance to get this to work.

Is there a HTML editor in Konqueror? I’m not really sure about that.

Right click open with, take your choice: kate maybe? or bluefish?

Sorry i misunderstood the poster… I was talking about the built-in HTML editor.

Thanks for the response.

What I actually meant was the embedded HTML editors like this one in the forum that I am writing this message on…

When I use my online web-mail account to compose, the HTML editor does not appear functional. Entries are and can only be made in plain text.

When I use my CMS to update a web site, the HTML editor displays, but is disfunctional, as is the text area. I try to enter a letter in the text area there, and there is no action.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks anyway …

It completely depends on the compatibility of the browsers.
Recently i develop a website for real time slope monitoring, and it works flawlessly in FF. But the funny thing is it doesn’t work in IE7,(almost 30% doesn’t work).
And i know all this from the client. Because i am not using IE for my projects in Linux.

So some time, things get screwed up because its not cross platform.
Just a guess from me.

Aw, so you mean the <TEXTAREA></TEXTAREA> component.
Now that interesting, because in the past few days my gmail - on the iGoogle page, the compact one - doesn’t show the full text-area just a portion of it. Also in Blogger I can’t use the Paste function.
My suggestion is to downgrade your Firefox.

Firefox is OK (3.0.13) … it’s Konqueror where this is happening. as

With which version of Konqueror?

Konqueror 4.1.3

Using Konqueror 4.2.4 doesn’t happen, try updating.