htaccess file not working

Dear People,

I am working with OpenSuse 11.1 and i’m using a MVC-pattern in PHP which includes a router-class. Through the .htaccess-file urls are more pratical. In Windows it was working with apache 2.2, but in OpenSuse i am having trouble with granting access. In default-server.httpd i am filling my directory where the site is with allowoverride all, but it is not working. I have already given .htaccess all rights (777), but still it gives me a read access error when i show the page.
Can someone please help me?

Arjen van Hoeve

Try my old thread:
Apache2 / .htaccess how to enable it? - openSUSE Forums

That’s how I got it working, more then once even as I use the thread every time I reinstall.