hplip printer issues

For some months(!) now, I have had significant print issues:

  1. using the print filters from psutils in kprinter (mulptiple pages, pamphlet) printing is broken - prints very small, or just lines). Setting multiple pages in the print driver instead seems to work ok. But there is no pamphlet option there
  2. Photo printing quality is poor (very washed out/poor blacks)
  3. Have to set print quality to draft (normal doesn’t work) for normal printing (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/hplip/+bug/392040)

It doesn’t seem to matter whether I use hplip-hpijs or hplip-hpcups (optionally with hplip) packages.

Printing used to work superbly for me before an upgrade earlier in the summer! Sigh.

System info:

  • opensuse 11.1
  • kde3
  • hp psc 2175 (usb printer)
  • hplip-hpcups 3.9.8-15pm.27.1

Thanks in advance for help and advice…

Set the printer up in in hplip only: hplip uses cups by default in any case now and will configure it.
(I have jetdirect network hps, so prefer using hp-setup and hplip management)
Since you only have the one driver for it (foomatic hp…) use it.
Tell hp-setup to print a test page when finished and check if it’s ok.
For fancy printing, set it only once in the program’s print settings preferably otherwise you get unexpected results.
e.g. Using acroread, settin it to print even pages in acrobat and then again in the printer menu will result in half the pages. So only set it in one place.