HPLIP Icon Inactive

The icon for the current version of the hplip program, HP Device Manager, is not active in Gnome when clicked.

I’ve had people walk me through problem solving this before, but it so rarely happens that I have to learn all over again every time.

Can someone walk me through how to correct “dead icon” bugs.

Thanks so much!

Are you using the KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support GNOME shell extension? The HP icon is active here…

No. I’m on the Gnome desktop. When the large “Show Applications” pages are pulled up, the HP Device Manager icon is inactive on my desktop.

Applications overview, when you say ‘inactive’ you mean when you select it nothing happens? If you press alt+F2 and then type in hp-toolbox <press enter> it shows up/runs?

I use Mate (OS 15.1 with current updates) and experienced the same quirk. The HP Toolbox does run when invoked from the menu though.